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No-Take Areas, Herbivory and Coral Reef Resilience

Hughes T.P., D.R. Bellwood, C. Folke, L.J. McCook and J.M. Pandolfi. 2007 Trends in Ecology and Evolution 22:1-3 (2007).


Coral reefs worldwide are under threat from various anthropogenic factors, including overfishing and pollution. A new study by Mumby et al. highlights the trophic relationships between humans, carnivorous and herbivorous fishes, and the potential role of no-take areas in maintaining vulnerable coral reef ecosystems. No-take areas, where fishing is prohibited, are vital tools for managing food webs, ecosystem function and the resilience of reefs, in a seascape setting that extends far beyond the boundaries of the reefs themselves

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Keywords: resilience, coral reefs,

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