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Do mangroves provide storm protection from wind damages of a storm?

Saudamini Das and Anne-Sophie Crépin. 2012.


Earlier research demonstrates that mangroves provide storm protection in terms of saving lives and properties by buffering the impacts of storm surge. We provide theoretical and empirical evidence that mangroves also attenuate damages from strong winds and provide substantial protection to properties even relatively far away from mangroves and coast. We show empirical evidence that areas with mangroves protection in the Orissa region in India experienced significantly less damages from the 1999 cyclone compared to areas without mangrove protection. In addition we theoretically model mangroves’ wind protection. Model simulations using data from the same cyclone show that our model could predict the actual level of damage to a large extent.

Keywords: Ecosystem Services; Orissa; Mangroves; Storm Protection; Wind Protection

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