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Valuing insurance services emerging from a gene bank: The case of the Greek Gene Bank

Xepapadeas, A., P. Ralli, E. Kougea, S. Spyrou, N. Stavropoulos, V. Tsiaousi, and A. Tsivelikas. (2014) Ecological Economics 97:140–149.


Wedevelop a conceptual framework for determining insurance values associatedwith a gene bank andwe apply the methodology to the Greek Gene Bank (GGB), the largest ex situ conservation programin Greece. To evaluate the insurance value generated by the holdings of the GGB genetic resources, the current study examined scenarios for alternative arrival probabilities of an adverse event thatwould negatively affect production of sevenmajor staple crops held at the GGB within the next 100 years. Within the range of our estimates, it is indicated that insurance values considerably exceed the current operating costs of maintaining the GGB.

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Keywords: Gene bank, Valuation, Insurance value, Triggering event, Poisson arrival

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