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EU's conservation accreditation system for architects and its implications for China (in Chinese)

Rao, L. and C.Z. Li (2015). Journal of Sichuan University (Social Science Edition) 6:86-94.


With the rapid economic development of China, there is increasing pressure for energy consumption and environment protection. In this respect, we need to learn from the practice of some advanced countries in the EU, which have adopted energy conservation policies in electronics, automobile production and the construction industry. Architects construction involves many areas of production and has a great potential for energy conservation. EU's energy saving certificate system in the construction industry has not only helped lower energy consumption in buildings, but has positively influenced the entire construction market and every aspect of society. A careful study of EU's energy saving policies and practices will surely contribute to China's construction of energy efficiency system, achieving those goals set in "Energy Efficiency for Constructions in the 12th Five-Year Plan".

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Keywords: energy efficiency labeling, energy conservation in buildings, conservation accreditation system, EU

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