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Descripción de campos migratorios internos colombianos usando análisis de redes sociales (Internal migration characterization of Colombia using social network analysis)

Ruiz-Santacruz, J.-S. and J.C. Rocha. 2018. Revista hispana para el análisis de redes sociales 29:65-75.


Migration is a complex phenomenon that requires an extensive analysis using different methods that involve demographical and territorial issues and allows obtaining relevant information to set the connection between migrants and territory. Social Network Analysis (SNA) as a tool of entities’ relation, gives an overview that in general is less studied involving the migratory systems and fields which are commonly established using demographic measures mainly (Courgeau, 1970). Thus, it does not take into account relational systems that consider contiguous spaces or territories as a part of an intense and dynamic phenomenon. The main purpose of this work is to explore the use of the SNA methodology in order to describe migratory fields and network centralities using census data counting migration between Colombian municipalities. The results show how the determination of those fields is possible but at the same time, it shows the differences drawn by the algorithms.

Keywords: Internal Migration, Network Centrality, Social Network Analysis (SNA), Community Formation

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