The Askö Meetings

The Askö Meetings

Since 1993 the Beijer Institute annually organizes informal workshops for internationally leading ecologists and economists at the island of Askö in the Baltic Sea. The Askö meetings have generated unique cooperation between these disciplines.

Twenty years ago the disciplines of ecology and economy stood far apart. Ecologists and economists generally viewed one another with suspicion, and economic growth and environmental protection seemed incompatible. When Professor Karl-Göran Mäler in the beginning of the nineties became the director of the new Beijer Institute it was with a conviction that the big environmental challenges could only be solved if ecological and socioeconomic systems were viewed as coupled, which called for transdisciplinary cooperation between economists and ecologists.
To pave the way for such cooperation he decided in 1993 to organize a workshop at the Askö Laboratory, a marine field station off the Swedish east coast. The meeting was to be informal with a selected, open minded group of people discussing a given theme.
-I was keen on creating a warm and open atmosphere so that the participants would feel comfortable in interacting with people from different scientific backgrounds, says Karl-Göran Mäler. Thus, we spent the first evening eating, drinking wine and singing together.

The first Askö meeting was a great success and the discussions and comparisons of economic and ecological models resulted in an article in Bioscience titled “Ecologists and economists can find common ground”.

Since then Askö meetings has been held every year and apart from leading to a number of articles in scientific journals such as Science, they have generated collaboration between ecologists and economists reaching far beyond this small island in the Baltic. A core group of persons have been invited regularly, among them economists Partha Dasgupta and Economics Laureate Kenneth Arrow, as well as ecologists Gretchen Daily, Buzz Holling, Paul Erlich and Simon Levin. 

In the book Bringing Ecologists and Economists Together - The Askö Meetings and Papers, published 2010 by Springer Verlag, a number of Askö participants describe the importance of the familiar atmosphere at Askö for the success of the workshops. The economist Kerry Smith notes: “Genuine collaboration needs a culture that encourages these academics to be adventurous and think outside the domain of their expertise. It must be tolerant and constructive. In such a setting, respect and admiration build trust and friendship.”

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