Urban Social-Ecological Systems

Urban Social-Ecological Systems

The continuous increase in the number and size of urban regions and the ensuing transformation of landscapes pose challenges to ensure human welfare and a livable, sustainable environment. Urban regions are hubs of services, knowledge, capital and innovation that offer solutions for humans and the environment, but they also create great demands for resources such as fresh water and they generate large volumes of waste. Planning and devloping infrastructure, basic amenities and healthy urban environments put governments and civil society to the test.

In the Urban Theme we look upon cities as integrated social-ecological systems.The resilience of urban social-ecological systems depends on the capacity of ecosystems to generate ecosystem services and the functional groups of species that provide them, in combination with governance networks, social dynamics and the built environment.  With a focus on ecosystem services, institutions, and resilience science we strive to translate research insights into principles, landscape designs and applications in the policy- practice interface, promoting sustainable urban development.

Programme director: Johan Colding

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