Beijer Fellows

Caroline Schill | PhD, Researcher (currently on parental leave)

Caroline Schill took her PhD in May 2017 as a joint PhD-candidate of The Beijer Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. In her research, Caroline focuses on interactions between ecosystem dynamics and human behaviour in social dilemmas. Particularly, she is interested in the implications of abrupt ecosystem changes and social and environmental uncertainties for collective action in common-pool resource systems. For her research she relies on a combination of methods, including behavioural experiments (laboratory and field), surveys/interviews and agent-based modelling.

Caroline Schill


Address: The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics The Royal Swedish Academy of Science Box 50005 SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden


Caroline joined the Beijer Institute September 2011 as a research assistant in the BENN research project Managing resources with potential regime shifts – using experiments to explore social-ecological linkages in common-pool resource systems. Within the scope of this project, she also wrote her thesis in the Master’s programme of Stockholm Resilience Centre (Ecosystems, Resilience and Governance), which she successfully defended in June 2012. Caroline also holds a MSc in Management from the University of Mannheim in her native country Germany, where she studied business management, economics and system dynamics, including one semester abroad at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.

Prior to her work at the Beijer Institute, Caroline was a research assistant and intern at different research institutions in Germany and Iceland; the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim, the Chair (Prof Milling) of Business Administration, Operations Management and System Dynamics at University of Mannheim, and the Gardarsholm Project ( in Reykjavík/Húsavík.