Krisztina Jónás

Research assistant, MA, MSc

Krisztina Jónás

Krisztina Jónás is a research assistant within the Behaviour, Economics and Nature (BEN) Programme.

She explores the connection between human behavior, governance, and the biosphere. Her research interests furthermore include aquatic ecosystems, and the role of human behaviour in just sustainability transformations.

Previously, Jónás worked with anticipatory governance and complex-adaptive systems at the SES-Link team of Stockholm Resilience Centre and with a wide range of sustainability challenges in the public and private sector.


Jónás holds a BA (2012) in Foreign Affairs and a MA (2015) in International Relations and European Union from the Corvinus University of Budapest; and MSc (2019) in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development from Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University.


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