Responding to Change: Using Scenarios to Understand how Socioeconomic Factors may Influence Amplifying or Dampen Exploitation Feedbacks among Tanzanian Fishers

Environmental change often requires societies to adapt. In some instances, these adaptations can create feedbacks that amplify the change. Alternatively, other adaptations may dampen the change. We used semi-structured interviews with 240 fishers from nine Tanzanian coastal communities to explore responses to four hypothetical scenarios of increasingly severe declines in their average catch (10%, 20%, 30% and 50%). Overall, a higher proportion of fishers said…

Conservation could save commercial fishery in Argentina

In Argentina, the implementation of conservation strategies is needed to avoid the collapse of commercial fish stocks and the fishing industry. Conservation strategies, including zoning and compliance with catch quotas, are expected to help recover hake stocks and increase the net benefit for the fishing industry

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