Cascading regime shifts in pollution recipients and resource systems

Ecosystems can undergo regime shifts – large, abrupt and persistent changes in their structure and function. These regime shifts can interact with each other creating cascading effects. We explore potential characteristics of such interactions and their outcomes. We focus on two types of systems where regime shifts can substantially influence human welfare and livelihoods: pollution recipients, such as the atmosphere and water bodies, and renewable…

Transboundary Capital and Pollution Flow and the Emergence of Regional Inequalities

We seek to explain the emergence of spatial heterogeneity regarding development and pollution on the basis of interactions associated with the movement of capital and polluting activities from one economy to another. We use a simple dynamical model describing capital accumulation along the lines of a xed-savings-ratio Solow-type model capable of producing endogenous growth and convergence behavior, and pollution accumulation in each country with pollution…

Spatial location decisions under environmental policy and housing externalities

We study the internal structure of a city, in a model of economic geography, where industry and housing compete for scarce land to locate. We analyze a spatial model of a city in which a single good is produced using land, labor, machinery and emissions of a pollutant, and in which people consume goods, invest in housing services and dislike pollution. The agglomeration effects, caused…

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