A cross-country analysis of residential electricity demand in 11 OECD-countries

We provide consistent, cross-country estimates of price and income elasticity for households in 11 OECD countries. Using survey data from 2011 on annual consumption of electricity and samplederived average electricity price, we provide country-specific price elasticity estimates and average income elasticity estimates. For most countries in our sample, we find strong price responsiveness, with elasticities varying (in absolute value) between 0.27 for South Korea and…

Distributional Implications of Electricity Taxation: An Assessment using Household Survey Data from 11 OECD countries

This paper assesses the distributional implications of electricity taxation, using data from a 2011 survey of households in 11 OECD countries. Demand elasticities are estimated separately for the following household categories: income terciles, household location, type of residence, home ownership status and major heating source. Subsequently, change in dispersion of net (of electricity expenditure) income is computed and used as a summary measure of welfare…

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