Characterizing antibiotics in LCA—a review of current practices and proposed novel approaches for including resistance

Purpose With antibiotic resistance (ABR) portrayed as an increasing burden to human health, this study reviews how and to what extent toxicological impacts from antibiotic use are included in LCAs and supplement this with two novel approaches to include ABR, a consequence of antibiotic use, into the LCA framework. Methods We review available LCA studies that deal with toxicological aspects of antibiotics to evaluate how…

Unpacking factors influencing antimicrobial use in global aquaculture and their implication for management: A review from a systems perspective

Global seafood provides almost 20% of all animal protein in diets, and aquaculture is, despite weakening trends, the fastest growing food sector worldwide. Recent increases in production have largely been achieved through intensification of existing farming systems, resulting in higher risks of disease outbreaks. This has led to increased use of antimicrobials (AMs) and consequent antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in many farming sectors, which may compromise…

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