Non-Cooperative and Cooperative Responses to Climate Catastrophes in the Global Economy: A North-South Perspective

The optimal response to a potential productivity shock which becomes more imminent with global warming is to have carbon taxes to curb the risk of a calamity and to accumulate precautionary capital to facilitate smoothing of consumption. This paper investigates how differences between regions in terms of their vulnerability to climate change and their stage of development affect the cooperative and non-cooperative responses to this…

Climate Tipping and Economic Growth: Precautionary Saving and the Social Cost of Carbon

The optimal reaction to a pending productivity shock of which the expected arrival time increases with global warming is to accumulate more precautionary capital to smooth consumption and to levy a carbon tax, proportional to the marginal hazard of a catastrophe, to curb the risk of climate change. The carbon tax holds down the stock of greenhouse gases, so that the risk of catastrophe decreases…

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