Annual report

In the Beijer Institute annual report you can read  in-depth about the institute’s research programmes, research findings, policy interactions and activities.  This Annual report coveris the period from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. Download PDF Humanity is embedded in the Biosphere and shape it from local to global scales, from the past to the future. At the same time humanity is fundamentally dependent…

Exhibition: Tipping Points

For the fourth year in a row, the Beijer Institute is collaborating with Beckmans School of Design and  Swedish Design firm Svenskt Tenn, in an exhibition where students in Visual Communication with humor, imagination and empathy interpret Beijer Institute research, this year specifically on tipping points. Among other things, the visitors can see new warning labels for everyday products, drawing customers’ attention to the climate…

Annual report 2019/2020

Find out all about Beijer Institute research, activities, policy interactions and more for the past year in the new Annual Report. Read report The Beijer institute of Ecological Economics is an international research institute under the auspices of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Since 1991, the Beijer Institute has been an institute of ecological economics. The major objectives of the Beijer Institute are to…

Annual report 2018-2019

Humanity is embedded in the Biosphere and shape it from local to global scales, from the past to the future. At the same time humanity is fundamentally dependent on the capacity of the Biosphere to sustain development. In the Beijer Institute annual report you can read about the institute’s research programmes, research findings and activities. This annual report covers the period 1 July 2018 –…

Exhibition: Welcome to the Biosphere

Beijer Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) researchers contribute to biosphere exhibition at Stockholm interior design store Svenskt Tenn. The exhibition, called Welcome to the Biosphere, is a collection of artistic interpretations of issues regarding our relationship to the Biosphere, the thin layer around the Earth where we live, which supports human existence. It deals with the complex relationship between climate change, norms, ethics and…

Agneta Sundin

Agneta is communications officer, now dividing her part-time employment between the Beijer Institute and its partner, the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere Programme (GEDB) of the Academy. She is responsible for the website, the annual report and administering the Beijer publication series, as well as organising workshops, seminars and other events. A member of Stockholm Resilience Centre Communications team, Agneta is involved in activities…

Seminar video: Water as the bloodstream of the Biosphere

  On this year’s World Water Day 22 March and celebrating the 200th Stockholm Seminar, three generations of water resilience researchers shared their research and reflections on the multiple ways that freshwater sustain the biosphere and human development. the seminar was held at the Royal Swedish Academyof Sciences. See seminar video Water is essential for life on Earth and the prosperity of human civilization. As…

Design students visualise our dependency on nature’s services

In the exhibition In My Backyard at the design store Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm, students in Visual Communication at Beckmans School of Design interpret the research carried out by the Beijer Institute on ecosystem services and their crucial role for sustainable social development. Research more easily accessible through visual communication A common aim for the students was to create a broader understanding of ecosystem services…

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