Students interpret research in art and design exhibition

By using visual communication as a language, art students have created works that provide new entrances to complex research. With design, imagination and humour their works evoke visitor’s curiosity and reflections around different angles of sustainability. The eight works in the exhibition are based on the interdisciplinary, international research project Inequality and the Biosphere, which is led by researchers from the Beijer Institute and the…

IASC 2021 Commoning the Anthropocene Virtual Conference

The Beijer Institute is sponsoring the IASC 2021 Commoning the Anthropocene Virtual Conference, chaired by Beijer Institute programme director Marty Anderies. This conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners interested in the role that the exercise of common property systems to land use and other shared resources (commoning) will play in the Anthropocene. It will cover topics such as conceptualizing commons across multiple scales,…

New grants to realise the Sustainable Development Goals

Several researchers at the Beijer Institute together with colleagues from its partners Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere (GEDB) and Stockholm Resilience Centre, were among the successful applicants to receive funding for projects designed to create research aimed at achieving the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The call Realising the Sustainable Development Goals from the Swedish research council Formas, received a total of 174…

A more dynamic understanding of human behaviour

Ensuring a liveable planet and well-being for future generations will require a major shift in human behaviour. This behavioural change is both one of the greatest challenges and one of the greatest opportunities for sustainable development. In a paper published in the journal Nature Sustainability, researchers from the Beijer Institute and its close network of collaborators suggest a new approach for conceptualising human behaviour to…

Caroline Schill

Caroline is working with the behavioural dimension of human-environment interactions. She is interested in how our behaviours and actions shape the very contexts in which we live and how these contexts in turn shape us and our behaviours. One of the main questions she is working with is how potentially catastrophic environmental changes and associated uncertainties are perceived, and how they influence behaviours, and in…

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