Towards a fossil free Sweden

The Beijer Institute’ s research theme Urban Social-Ecological Systems will be part of a new major research programme designed to promote transformations to a fair and fossil free Sweden. The programme Fair Transformations to a Fossil Free Future (FAIRTRANS), will develop economic and political frameworks for transformations together with key actors from the business sector, trade unions and other organisations in Sweden. In collaboration with…

Covid-19 related research

We are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is not surprising, as a pandemic of some sort has long been anticipated, with precursors such as HIV, avian influenza and ebola. The current pandemic has exposed the fragility of the tightly interconnected globalised world of the Anthropocene, where humans and their activities have accelerated to become the dominant force shaping the dynamics of the…

Dwindling green space in cities

Parks, gardens and other green spaces available for everyone are diminishing in cities, which will ultimately affect human well-being and the long-term management of ecosystem services. A recently published study sheds light on reasons behind the incremental change of green spaces—a fate that is largely undetectable by urban residents. This loss is generally down to shifts in land ownership and lack of long-term thinking, argue…

The pandemic highlights the need for city green space

In times of social distancing, green areas are more important than ever and ensuring nature access for the public should be a fundamental strategy of cities when coping with this crisis, researchers argue. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic caused countries across the world to implement measures of social distancing to curb spreading of Covid-19. The large and sudden disruptions to everyday life that result from this…

Johan Colding

Johan holds a PhD in natural resource management in Systems Ecology at the Stockholm University. He is currently employed as an Associate Professor at the Beijer Institute, and as a theme-leader for the theme Urban social-ecological systems and globalization at The Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC). Johan is also part-time employed as a research coordinator at HiG Urban Studio – a strategic driven research program on…

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