NEWS 2019-04-23

Framework for equitable mariculture development in the Western Indian Ocean


Mariculture, a type of aquaculture where marine organisms are cultivated in open ocean or brackish waters, is thought to contribute to “blue growth” for the sustainable development of island and coastal states in the West Indian Ocean. Small-scale community-based mariculture projects have increasingly gained popularity and attention from governments, the private sector, social entrepreneurs, as well as conservation and development agencies.

While mariculture has had a positive impact when it comes to supporting local livelihoods, many questions still remain when it comes to its development impact and scalability. A new report outlines a diagnostic framework that is designed to assist decision-making for assessment and planning around sustainable and equitable mariculture.

”This report draws on lessons from decades of mariculture initiatives to support and guide an industry with practice that better aligns with national stakeholder aspirations for equitable growth and the Sustainable Development Goals”, says Beijer Institute researcher Max Troell, also affiliated with Stockholm Resilience Centre.