NEWS 2021-03-24

IASC 2021 Commoning the Anthropocene Virtual Conference

The Beijer Institute is sponsoring the IASC 2021 Commoning the Anthropocene Virtual Conference, chaired by Beijer Institute programme director Marty Anderies.

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This conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners interested in the role that the exercise of common property systems to land use and other shared resources (commoning) will play in the Anthropocene. It will cover topics such as conceptualizing commons across multiple scales, commoning in a telecoupled (or hyper-connected) world with tipping points and deep uncertainty, new forms, and trends in global commoning, interdisciplinary methods to study new emerging commons spaces, scaling up commoning in practice, and much more.

Beijer Institute director Anne-Sophie Crépin, programme director Therese Lindahl and researcher Caroline Schill are part of the steering committee and they also moderate sessions. These sessions are listed below.

The conference is part of the legacy of late Economics laureate and Beijer Fellow Elinor Ostrom and her groundbreaking work on “Governing the Commons” showing that ordinary people are capable of creating rules and institutions that allow for the sustainable and equitable management of shared resources.

Anne-Sophie Crépin explains why the Beijer Institute choose to support this conference: “We have a long collaboration on this topic with late Beijer fellow Elinor Ostrom and ongoing work with Arizona State University through Marty Anderies. In addition to covering parts of the costs of organizing the conference, the sponsor moneys also allows IASC to fund memberships for students and colleagues in the global south, which is something that we are keen on and have had a long tradition of supporting also in the past. “

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Sessions moderated by Beijer Institute researchers are listed below.

All times are Arizone (AZ) time, CET minus 9 hours.

Wed Apr 21, 7 am AZ
Opening session: Challenges and Opportunities for Commoning in the Anthropocene: Governing Shared Resources in Turbulent Times
Moderator: J. Marty Anderies

Thurs Apr 22 10am AZ
Contributed Papers Live Webinar: Conceptualizing global commons and building capacity for multi-level governance 1
Moderator: Caroline Schill

Friday Apr 23 7am AZ
Contributed Papers Live Webinar: Commons-based alternatives to the Capitalocene
Moderator: Anne-Sophie Crepin

Friday Apr 23 2pm AZ
Closing Session April 23: Reflections on the Commons and Commoning in the Anthropocene.

Moderator: J. Marty Anderies