PUBLICATION Journal article

A safe operating space for humanity

SUMMARY – New approach proposed for defining preconditions for human development – Crossing certain biophysical thresholds could have disastrous consequences for humanity – Three of nine interlinked planetary boundaries have already been overstepped

Keywords: biodiversity, climate change, global freshwater use, land-use change, nitrogen cycle, ocan acidification, ozone depletion, phosphorous cycle

Rockström, J., W. Steffen, K. Noone, Å. Persson, F.S. Chapin III, E.F. Lambin, T.M. Lenton, M. Scheffer, C. Folke, H.J. Schellnhuber, B. Nykvist, C.A. de Wit, T. Hughes, S. van der Leeuw, H. Rodhe, S. Sörlin, P.K. Snyder, R. Costanza, U. Svedin, M. Falkenmark, L. Karlberg, R.W. Corell, V.J. Fabry, J. Hansen, B.H. Walker, D. Liverman, K. Richardson, P. Crutzen, and J.A. Foley. 2009. A safe operating space for humanity. Nature 461:472-475.