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Bringing Nature into Decision-Making

There is a dramatic and ongoing decline of the natural world according to a wide range of metrics. A widespread diagnosis of this predicament is that the value and importance of the natural world is not sufficiently accounted for in economic or other decision-making processes, and that bringing nature into decision-making provides the potential for a systemic solution to this challenge. How exactly this can be achieved at scale and across sectors remains a major challenge. However, there has been substantial progress in developing successful demonstrations of integrating nature into decision-making in a variety of sectors and regions. This theme issue examines some of the challenges and solutions for bringing nature into decision-making at scale, highlighting successful case studies in a variety of sectors.

Malhi, Y., G.C. Daily, I. Bateman, R. Bierbaum, S. Díaz, C. Folke, S. Polasky, and K. Willis (Eds.). 2024. Theme issue: Bringing Nature into Decision-Making. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B  379(1903).