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Decision analysis based on optimization

Chapter 29 deals with the set of methods related to decision analysis based on optimisation, which refers to a systematic approach to evaluating information about alternative choices when multiple options are possible, with many possible outcomes and different trade-offs. The chapter discusses mathematical programming, optimal control theory, game theory, decision theory, cost-benefit analysis and multiple-criteria decision analysis. It goes on to discuss the types of social-ecological systems (SES) problems and research questions commonly addressed by this set of methods, as well as their limitations, resource implications and new emerging research directions. The chapter also includes an in-depth case study showcasing the application of decision analysis based on optimisation, and suggested further readings.

Crépin, A.S. and S. Polasky. 2021. Decision analysis based on optimization. In: Biggs, R., de Vos, A., Preiser, R., Clements, H., Maciejewski, K. and M. Schlüter (Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Research Methods for Social-Ecological Systems. Routledge, London, UK. Pp. Chapter 29.