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Frontiers in social-ecological urbanism

This paper describes a new approach in urban ecological design, referred to as social–ecological urbanism (SEU). It draws from research in resilience thinking and space syntax in the analysis of relationships between urban processes and urban form at the microlevel of cities, where social and ecological services are directly experienced by urban dwellers. The paper elaborates on three types of media for urban designers to intervene in urban systems, including urban form, institutions, and discourse, that together function as a significant enabler of urban change. The paper ends by presenting four future research frontiers with a potential to advance the field of social–ecological urbanism: (1) urban density and critical biodiversity thresholds, (2) human and non-human movement in urban space, (3) the retrofitting of urban design, and (4) reversing the trend of urban ecological illiteracy through affordance designs that connect people with nature and with each other

Keywords: climate-change adaptation, Cognitive resilience building, ecosystem services, social-ecological systems, urban design

Colding, J., K. Samuelsson, L. Marcus, Å. Gren, A. Legeby, M. Berghauser Pont. 2022. Frontiers in social-ecological urbanism. Land 11(6):929.