Urban Social-Ecological Systems 2019-10-11


The USES research programme has been pivotal in establishing the Social-Ecological Urbanism network in Sweden that includes researchers and young scholars linked to SMoG-group at the Chalmers University of Technology, the KTH School of Architecture, SRC, and the Urban Studio at University of Gävle. City practitioners in various national and international city-settings, as well as an international network of scholars in the fields of resilience science, ecosystem services, urban design, architecture, urban planning and governance, are also linked to the program through past and ongoing projects. Examples of city practitioner partners include the Istanbul Technical University in Turkey, the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and practitioners from Melbourne (Aus.) and researchers associated with the Centre for African studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Another important collaboration hub over the years has been the Urban Network Research Group that consists of an interdisciplinary group of researchers spread over twelve cities on five continents: Bangalore, New Delhi, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Canberra, Helsinki, Istanbul, Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, Phoenix and Stockholm.

Collaborators with actors outside academia

The USES research programme has developed close cooperation with various planning bodies and urban practitioners at several Swedish municipalities, such as the Growth and Regional Planning Administration of the Stockholm County Council. A key ambition is to translate interdisciplinary-based urban research into trans-disciplinary collaborations and co-creation projects with actors outside academia. Collaboration consists of carrying out research projects in cooperation with non-academic actors, producing scientific reports, and organizing and co-leading workshops, seminars and conferences.