Urban Social-Ecological Systems 2019-10-11

Finished Research Projects

Moving from urban form to socio-ecological form: knowledge for urban resilience building
This research project investigated how urban form promotes desirable social and ecological processes in urban systems. Involved 3 senior researchers and master student projects.

SUPER – Sustainable Urban Planning for Ecosystem services and Resilience
The aim of the SUPER project was to develop knowledge on how urban spatial planning processes can better integrate ecosystem services so as to nurture urban resilience. Involved 3 senior researchers, 1 PhD, and several master student projects.

Green wedges as urban commons: Applying a complex social-ecological system approach to sustainable urban planning
The overall aim of this project was to explore how institutional insights on common property (pool) resource management systems combined with novel approaches for urban spatial planning can contribute to more sustainable urban development that better account for the complex, reciprocal relationship between urban and ecological systems. Involved 1 senior researchers and 1 PhD.

Albano Resilient Campus
The Albano area in Stockholm is a contested brown field located within the National Urban Park (NUP) close to the city centre, scheduled to host 100 000 m2 of research- and student space for the expansion of Stockholm University. Involved 7 senior researchers, 1 PhD and several master student projects.