NEWS 2020-08-30

Course: AI for the Planet

A free online course on how to apply AI-methods (“deep learning”) to analyze satellite images related to land use change and deforestation will bw held 2 October 2020.

Our living planet and the climate system are changing rapidly. Studying these changes have become increasingly possible thanks to developments in advanced satellite imaginary. Growing volumes of image data, however, also pose difficult challenges to scientists. As some have noted, such data are highly unstructured and difficult to extract insights from, even with intensive manual analysis. Fortunately, recent applications of artificial intelligence on satellite imaginary through so called “deep learning”, have shown some interesting and important advances the last years.

The Beijer Institute, together with Peltarion, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Urban Systems Lab (New School, New York), would like to welcome you to a free online course on 2 October where you will learn to apply AI-methods (“deep learning”) to analyze satellite images related to land use change and deforestation.

The course is led by Anna Gross at Peltarion, including a one-hour crash course which introduces you to deep learning techniques, image data analysis, and the basics of responsible uses of AI. This is followed by a hands-on lab where participants build their own simple deep learning model using satellite data, and the Peltarion platform.

The total estimated time for participation is 3 hours. By the end of the period, participants will understand the foundations of AI, and be able to use the platform to start making use of it in their own research.

A few selected participants will also be offered the opportunity to join a mentorship programme if they want support to develop their own AI-projects further.

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Deadline 28 September 2020.

The course platform opens on Friday 2 October 2020.

Note, the number of participants is limited!

For further questions, please contact