Selected current projects and research interests


Resource management with regime shifts

I model multiple aspects of resource management when the resource comes from ecosystems that could undergo abrupt change after passing a threshold. I also use behavioural experiments to investigate how groups of resource users manage their resources. Examples:

• Resource management, present bias and regime shifts, with Maria Arvaniti and Chandra K. Krishnamurthy. We investigate decision processes for impatient resource users who manage a resource with uncertain dynamics that could undergo a regime shift. We model uncertainty as a distribution of future stocks rather than adding an uncertain term in the stock dynamics.

• Sanctioned Quotas vs Information Provisioning for Community Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe: A Framed Field Experiment Approach with Herbert Ntuli. We investigate the behaviour of resource users to policy interventions – sanctioned quotas and information provisioning – when multiple resources (pastures and wild animal stocks) are connected. We perform an experimental study among communities managing common pool wildlife in Zimbabwe using an innovative design that includes complexities associated with linked resource systems


Applying a social ecological systems perspective to study climate change impacts in the Arctic, with focus on the Central Arctic Ocean

Initiative building on the results of the Arctic Climate Change Economy and Society (ACCESS 2011-2015) project financed by the European Commission. Some of the results of the project are summarized in a special issue in Ambio with the same name. I am currently part of the European Fisheries Inventory in the Central Artic Ocean (EFICA) Consortium. In that initiative I investigate ways to better inform decisions that have to be taken in a context of high uncertainty, limited information and complex interactions between nature and society, which could generate multiple surprises.


Investigating the interactions between water, ecosystems and the economy

I have recently started collaborations with groups of hydrologists to investigate how water, ecosystems and the economy interact. In particular we investigate how these interactions could be modelled in a way that would be useful to study policy interventions.


 Askö papers

I am currently involved as a co-author in articles initiated at five different Askö meetings on:
Uncertainty and management of complex systems
Human Population and the Global Commons
Migration, Urbanisation and the Anthropocene
The rising trend of extreme events
Transformative actions towards social-ecological stewardship in the Anthropocene.


Research synthesis and material accessible for teaching and policy stakeholders

I am continuously involved in efforts to spread research results in my field to a broader audience of students, decision makers and researchers in other disciplines. For example I am working on an overview of methods for decision analysis based on optimization, with Steve Polasky. This overview will appear as a chapter in a guide to navigating methods for studying social-ecological systems.