Economy and Finance for a Just Future on a Thriving Planet


Recordings of past events


Human Development and finance in the shadow of Anthropocene risks

Webinar organised by UNDP, Beijer Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre, 24 January, 2022.

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Transparency, taxes and our planet – – understanding the implications of financial opacity and tax avoidance on sustainability

Webinar organised 8 March by Beijer Institute, Stockholm Resilince Centre and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

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Investments for a Just and thriving world: how investors can drive the transition towards sustainable development.

Conference organised by Swedish Investors for Sustainable Development (SISD), 15 March 2021.

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An Equitable and Sustainable Ocean Economy: The role of finance in mitigating risk and building resilience

Webinar organised 16 March by Global Resilience Partnership and The Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance.

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